Optimizing a Mother’s Health Before Conception By Philip Shlossman

One of the most effective ways women can improve their odds of a healthy pregnancy is to start taking care of their health before they become pregnant. Going into pregnancy with optimal health tends to make the pregnancy process much easier.

To prepare for a healthy pregnancy, women can take these steps:

Manage your weight by eating nutritious foods and getting regular exercise. Women who maintain a healthy weight have a lower risk of premature and underweight babies.

Take a supplement with folic acid, a vitamin essential to proper fetal development. Consuming enough folic acid reduces the risk of birth defects.

Discuss any current health conditions you may have and medications you take with your doctor. Even over-the-counter medications could affect a pregnancy, and chronic conditions may require special treatment or monitoring during pregnancy.

Avoid tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and toxic chemicals. These can damage the health of the mother and the baby, which will prevent proper development.

About the Author:

As part of his work with expectant mothers in Delaware, Philip Shlossman helps women maintain optimal health in the months before they conceive. Dr. Shlossman holds a Bachelor of Arts from Florida Institute of Technology and a Doctor of Medicine from Texas A&M University.